The road to transformation begins with the foundation of the 3 Pillars of Progress.

                    First Pillar: 

      Get Focused and Clear, and Make It Compelling

The first step is to clarify the results you desire in your life. What do you want most in the areas of life that are important to you? What is your definition of an extraordinary quality of life? What do you need to take your life to the next level?
 Without a clear and compelling vision for what you want today, you won’t be able to even find the target of lasting happiness, let alone hit it.
When you’ve got a clear and compelling vision of what it is you want, it shifts your mind and emotions, giving you the impetus to shift your actions toward your goals.


                   Second Pillar: 

Get the Best Tools for Results

Once you’ve defined your target, you need an effective and efficient game plan to hit it. In order to close the “gap” between where you are and where you want to be, you need a proven map, an effective coach and training to drive you to take action.
Armed with proven tools, high-quality skills, an effective coach to constantly measure your progress and an empowering community to hold you to a higher standard, there is no way that you won’t get the results that you deserve!

Third Pillar: 

Get Integrated and Get Aligned

However, best tools are not enough: you need to unlock what’s blocking you and unleash your  power.
Why is it that sometimes we know what to do, we have great motives for change, and yet we fail to follow through?
Or we make changes in the moment, but they do not last long term?
What’s missing is a practical understanding of human psychology: why we do what we do and how to change it. 
By understanding your personal blueprint—how you create meaning and emotion and what causes you to think, feel and behave the way you do—you can not only gain the answers to these questions but learn how to create lasting change and fulfillment.


"Design your life" coaching program

The goal of this coaching program is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to create and take advantage of the moments of personal empowerment.

Utilising this power—this emotional fitness—to work against fear and doubt and overcome any obstacle allows you to become the architect of your own destiny instead of simply reacting to the forces in your environment.

Psychological Strength- mental edge and focus that maximise who you are, what you’re capable of and what you get to enjoy out of this life.

We are going to take a look at the force that controls every thought, every feeling, and every emotion of your life, the beliefs, values and rules that literally control the way you think, feel and behave.
We are going to become emotionally fit because life is going to come AT YOU.
What we really want to do is not just solve your problems, but deal with the thing that creates it in the first place.

We are going to explore together :

  • Why you do what you do – understand the forces that shape human behaviour.
  • Learn how to master your emotions- cause that’s where you live.
  • Infuse your life with meaning and purpose.
  • Identify patterns and replace harmful ones with empowering ones.
  • The formula for conditioning your mind for success.
  • Learn how to harness new energy and funnel that new energy into measurable results for getting you to consistently take action from what we explore together.
  • How to inspire confidence in yourself every day.
  • How to overcome any fear holding you back.
  • How to solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • How to set clear, attainable goals – and the tools to achieve them.
  • How to meet all six of your needs for lasting happiness.
  • How to destroy any negative behaviour .
  • The difference between your change and your progress.
  • The power of words to shape beliefs and experiences, and how to expand your language to create new meanings.
  • Use the power of paradox to launch your plans with confidence and certainty.
  • Shape your destiny by choosing your thoughts wisely.
  • Use your internal judge to set empowering rules to live by.
  • Turn negative thinking into positive energy for life.
  • Replace dormant resources with new assets that will improve the quality of your life.
  • Transform problems into new opportunities for success.
  • And much, much more!

You deserve to have it all – shake your destiny
and increase the quality of your life by moving yourself forward and start building emotional muscle.

You can’t just hope everything is going to turn out ok .
You can see what hoping does for most people.
Most people don’t have what they want
and they keep on hoping it will change.

You got to have the right strategy for life. Period.

Cause you can work really hard, and be a really good person, and be a really hard worker and still have nothing.

Is there something more you would like to know?Feel free to book an introductory session via email at .

Take action!

Limited thoughts creates limited people.

The shift begins the minute you begin to consciously define yourself instead of letting the environment do it for you.

There are 2 worlds really ,right ?

-there is the outside word , all the things we are trying to control, all the time , and inside we feel uncertain ,
because we know we can't control all the events of our lives

- then there is the inside world , the area where you have absolute control over it, the area that if you direct it, if you become the shaper of your mind ,of your emotion ,what you believe, what you decide ,what you do , that is where all the power is in life .

what people say

“Maria is the ultimate life coach! Thanks to her coaching, I was able to move forward to start my own business. She guided me to understand myself and build my confidence. Without her support, it would have been much harder to achieve my goals. Thank you, Maria!”
Sanni k.
“The coaching sessions have been of immense help for me in a complementary but at the same time essential way with the personal work I have been doing on myself. They have allowed me to get quicker results, to gain better insight into events and feelings, as well as learn how to set and achieve goals in a more efficient manner. Also, I have realised the extent to which everything depends on me; I feel the coaching sessions have definitely reasserted my independence and self–confidence.”
Elina P.
“Maria, I am so happy to write to thank you for the gift you gave me. You seem to have a magical gift for finding the way to help people move to where they really want to go. You helped me tremendously. In few sessions you explained so well the necessary steps that enabled me to overcome my fear and procrastination of opening my own business. My unconscious shifted and it became seemingly effortless. Thank you so very very much.”
Hanna L.
“My life has benefited greatly from my coaching sessions with Maria. In fact, my life has shifted significantly! She has guided me to change my perspective on many levels, and it has given my life a larger screen to be played upon. I enjoy the honest feedback and questions that guide me to my own answers — as well as the intuitive insights that Maria offers with honest compassion. I would invite anyone who wishes to move his or her life into a fulfilling and wonderfully joyful place to take the opportunity and experience the amazing coaching sessions with her.”
Miika T.
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